The Block

God's plan to reach the world has always been His people. When Jesus commissioned the Church to love God with everything and to love their neighbor as themselves He was sending His Church to change the world. Seattle needs to know the hope and love of Jesus Christ!

Since 2005 Mosaic has been seeking to love God and love people so that Seattle and the world would be changed. We are 450 people, mainly in our 20's and 30's; our demographic looks like our city. We have seen dozens of salvations and many more have found a real family at Mosaic. We've been renting space in a very large, old church building but we are losing our lease, and now like many other churches in Seattle, we are being forced out because of the skyrocketing real estate market.

In October 2016 we accomplished what seemed impossible; Mosaic raised $1 million and purchased a building in the heart of Seattle, but we can't accomplish the vision God has given us until we finish the necessary renovations and we need your help! 

Would you join us?



Seattle needs hope.